Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Preschool, Adam Auerbach, First Day Of School, Bravery, Fear, Norse Mythology, Valkyrie

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Book Review


Edda is the littlest Valkyrie and loves her life of adventure in Asgard, but she also wants to make friends her own age. When she tells her father this, he lets her go to earth and go to school with other kids. She has never been away from Asgard, but her papa assures her that even little Valkyries can be very brave. School is hard at first, especially when she is trying to make new friends and learning to follow the rules, but soon Edda finds a way to make friends in class and to do well in her new school. Edda’s story can help children starting school learn about some of the hard things about school, but that they can have an adventures and be very brave like Edda. Although school may not be portrayed as fun, the positive messages about friendship and being brave though it can be difficult remain prevalent. While Edda has some Norse mythology themes, it’s only a hint rather than an introduction to this mythology system. Still, many children will be able to relate to being scared of the first day of school but learning to be brave anyway.