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Worm Loves Worm


Carlie Smith


Dependable, Preschool, J.J. Austrain, Mike Curato, Same-Sex Marriage, Weddings, Insects, Picture Book

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Book Review


Worm loves worm, so they decide to get married. Simple, right? But their friend Cricket plans on marrying them, Beetle insists on being the best Beetle, and the Bees beg to be the bride’s attendants. Eventually dancing, rings, and cake are all included in the wedding celebration. The trouble comes when dressing up for the occasion. Who will wear the bride’s dress and who will wear the groom’s tux? They decide to each wear a little bit of each outfit, defying the concerns of Cricket who says it’s not “how things have always been done.” Worms agree to change things and be married because their mutual love is all they really need. This book celebrates nontraditional love and gently introduces young children to the idea of same-sex marriage. The deceptively simple story and illustrations can open a dialogue between parents and children about marriage, relationships, gender roles, and societal expectations. Parents should be aware that the book clearly advocates for challenging “what’s always been done.”