Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Philip C. Stead, Erin E. Stead, Animals, Zoo, Picture Book

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Book Review


You might not expect to see an owl with glasses, a rhino with a scarf, a penguin with socks, or an elephant sitting on a chair, but that is exactly what Amos McGee sees when he heads to the Zoo. He takes care of them there. The animals expect him everyday until one day, he doesn’t show up. The animals eventually find Amos, who is stuck at home stick, and they do just as much for Amos as he does for them. Friends rely on each other, especially when things get hard (or there is a sick day for Amos McGee). Erin E. Stead used woodblock prints and pencil to create the illustrations in A Sick Day for Amos McGee. Parts of the illustrations are strictly sketched in black and white and some are colorful. The illustrations show that the animals in the story bring “color” to Amos’ life. The illustrations personify the animals, in addition to the text. Children of many ages will enjoy this book as they read another example of the importance of taking care of friends and supporting them each and every day.