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How to Be Famous


Carlie Smith


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Michal Shalev, Pigeon, Zoo, Animals, Fame, Picture Book

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Book Review


Pigeon is the most famous and most important animal at the zoo - or at least that’s what he would say! He is shown in different exhibits soaking in the limelight. In reality, people are there for the other, much more majestic creatures like elephants or crocodiles. Unfortunately, Pigeon’s cockiness and presence is quite the irritant to both people and animals. He is oblivious to their true feelings. Eventually his big-head leads him too close to a lion and he is gobbled up! This book cleverly makes the illustrations an integral part of the story. The lecture preached by Pigeon on how to be famous is sabotaged by the reality of the pictures. Readers can see Pigeon growing more reckless and annoying. The situations are even more humorous for adults who are familiar with the context of obnoxious bird behavior such as scavenging for food at the picnic table or pooping in undesirable places. The illustrations are very unique with earthy tones and keep the feel of crayon or chalk sketches. How To Be Famous is a quirky addition to your child’s collection of animal books.