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Bear's Big Breakfast


Kelsie Ward


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Lynn Rowe Reed, Brett Helquist, Animals, Nature, Bears, Food, Picture Book

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Book Review


Bear’s Big Breakfast is a classic read-aloud story that helps children identify the letter “b.” The story takes the young readers on an adventure in search for the hungry little cub to find something to eat for breakfast, after a long hibernation. The bear knows that the food that he is in search of begins with the letter “b,” and along his journey encounters a various number of other friends, who’s characters also begin with the letter “b.” Though his friends all agree that they would not make a suitable breakfast for the cub, they agree to help in his quest for something good to eat. The story ends after the bear finds the food that he was longing for, which was berries. Bear is a stimulating character for young readers, as he himself is young, curious, and displays excitement when he reaches his goal of finding the desired meal. The method of learning through the bears journey provides a benefit for emerging readers, as it has a gentle, yet animated with the interpretation through Bear’s journey. The illustrations portray Bear’s world with his animated expressions. The paintings that were utilized create a warm, but vivid depiction of Bear on his journey.