Article Title

Devine Intervention


Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Young Adult, Martha Brockenbrough, Paranormal, Angels, Heaven, Death, Choices

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Book Review


Jerome messed up in his life, so when he dies he becomes an angel trainee in heaven’s soul-rehabilitation program for wayward teens. He’s Heidi’s guardian angel, and as long as she lives a good life, Jerome won’t have to go to Hell. When Heidi nearly dies and Jerome accidently pulls her soul out of her body trying to save her, Heidi realizes the voice in her head was Jerome all along. The two souls have to avoid another angel who has malicious plans for Heidi and work together to get Heidi’s soul back to her body before she disappears and Jerome has to spend the rest of eternity in Hell. When the time runs out, both of them are able to experience new beginnings for their souls. Although this book talks a lot about dying, the afterlife, and other serious things, the tone is always lighthearted and comedic. It deals a lot with life and the choices we make in it, but the funny tone keeps it from getting boring or uncomfortable. The switch from first person to third person was a little strange, and the characters seem to lack some personality, but the book holds the reader in its grip wondering if these two characters are going to make it in the end. The villain isn’t explained well and is used as a plot device rather than an interesting character. Although the plot and characters have some weaknesses, readers will still enjoy reading about these two souls fighting for survival and to make things work in a difficult situation. *Contains frequent euphemisms.