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Jess Verzello


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Kevin Henkes, Spring, Birds, Alligators, Friendship, Surprises

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Book Review


Four eggs: pink, blue, yellow, and green! The pink, blue, and yellow eggs hatch to reveal baby birds inside, but the green egg hasn’t moved. The birds come back and peck at the green egg until it hatches to reveal a surprise: a baby alligator! Scared, the birds fly away at first and the alligator is sad, but they soon return and become friends. This book would be the perfect gift for celebrating Easter and springtime. The pastel colors and clean illustration style bring out the message of friendship and accepting what is different from us. The text is repetitive in a fun way that allows young readers to engage in the story and read along easily. The simple paneling helps to move the story along and shows how the four separate characters come together in the end.