Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Lori Haskins Houran, Jeff Brown, Easy Reader, Baking, Problem Solving

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Book Review


Stanley Lambchop was just a normal boy, until a bulletin board fell on top of him and smashed him flat. He uses his flatness to his advantage and helps fix problems in the community doing things that “non-flat” people can’t do! This time, Pete the baker needs something new and exciting that will bring in customers. They brainstorm, but can’t seem to think of anything. After school, Flat Stanley and Arthur run to check on Pete, but Flat Stanley slips on the mess in the bakery and lands face-first in the rolled out cookie dough. That gives Pete the idea he has been waiting for! Soon enough, Pete’s bakery is cranking out kid-size cookies and the community is flocking to Pete’s. Flat Stanley saves the day again! Flat Stanley and the Very Big Cookie is an “I Can Read” book that kids will be excited to read with a little help from an adult. There are some tricky words, but a majority of the vocabulary will be familiar to young readers. The pictures give hints to help children with the more advanced vocabulary words. Dialogue is also included in the text, which makes the book more exciting. The illustrations are simple and colorful, and they bring to life Flat Stanley's story. This book will leave kids wondering what life would be like if they were flat, and maybe even leave kids craving a kid-size cookie!