Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Jane O'Connor, Robin Preiss Glasser, Dolls, Fancy Nancy, Sisters, Picture Book

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Book Review


Sometimes having a little sister creates a lot of trouble. One day JoJo, Nancy’s little sister, does something truly despicable: she gives Nancy’s doll Marabelle a pirate tattoo. To help cheer Nancy up, Nancy’s mom takes her to a gala for girls are their dolls. Nancy and Marabelle have a great time at the gala going on rides, eating delicacies, and looking at the fancy ball gowns in the doll dress shop. Unfortunately, a tragedy happens! Marabelle has been mixed up with another doll! As embarrassed as Nancy is about Marabelle’s tattoo, it allows Nancy to get her friend back again. Even though JoJo might sometimes be a handful, Nancy realizes that having a little sister isn’t all bad. Fans of Fancy Nancy will be thrilled to read another story about this fun character. Nancy is still childish in her emotions and reactions, but readers who have been considered about how Nancy is too demanding and elitist to be a good role model will appreciate that in this one, Nancy learns that when things aren’t as fancy as she wants them to be, her sister is still the most important thing. Parents may want to use this book to help when one child accidentally ruins or makes a mess of something that is important to another child. This book doesn’t have as much creativity as some of the other Fancy Nancy books, but fans of the series will still enjoy reading about what happens to Nancy and Marabelle.