Nicole Davis


Dependable, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, James Dean, Kimberly & James Dean, Cats, Sunglasses, Positive, Picture Book

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Book Review


Pete the Cat is having a rare rough day. It starts to look worse when grumpy toad shows up, but when he shares his secret cool, blue, magic sunglasses with Pete things get better. Pete sees the world in a completely new way. He encounters some unhappy friends and shares his cool, blue, magic sunglasses to help them cheer up. Suddenly, Pete crashes his skateboard and his cool, blue, magic sunglasses shatter. Wise owl tells Pete that he does not need the magic sunglasses to see the world in a new way, he just needs to look for the good all around him. Pete takes his advice and sees that the world is a wonderful place. This is a simple story with fun illustrations. It has the same feel as other Pete the Cat books with a nice little moral at the end. It encourages children to look for the good in the world without leaning to heavily on the moral. The illustrations are bright and have a cool cat vibe consistent with Pete the Cat's character. The paper has a nice sheen and durable quality that adds to the brightness of the story. The language each animal uses to express his enjoyment at seeing the world in a new way is fun and can help children learn new expressions. Preschoolers and early elementary children will enjoy this fun read, but it may be too simple for older grades. Although there is nothing new about the story or moral, it is a quick, light read that young children will enjoy.