Ariel Woodbury


Significant Shortcomings, Preschool, Antoinette Portis

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Book Review


Yelfred and Omek are from planet Boborp where they have been best frints since they were little blobbies. They eat yunch together, play eye ball, and share their blurfday gifts. But sometimes they get into fights doing things together. Yelfred gets a spaceship for his blurfday. He tells Omek that he can't drive it because he'll crash it. Omek decides to drive it anyways and schmackles it to bits. The easily vexed aliens fight over who's fault it is and Yelfred bites off Omek's tail. After Omek's tail grows back he tries to find a way to help his frint to fix the spaceship. They slowly manage to repair their friendship as they fix the spaceship together. The author uses a lot of made up words that make the book very silly and enjoyable for children. The illustrations have high contrast, thick outlines, simple shapes, and bright colors which are great for keeping the attention of children. The illustrations also help the reader to decode the made up words in the book. The story has a positive message despite the majority of the pages being filled with the disagreements and fighting of the two aliens. It teaches children to forgive their friends and that friendships can recover from having arguments or fighting. The book may be more useful as a tool to help children understand that reconciliation is possible after they've behaved badly than solely as a bedtime story. Use caution as some children may think that it is okay to treat their friends poorly or use physical violence to express their frustrations since the alien friends do frequently in the book.