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Saturday with Daddy


Ariel Woodbury


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Dan Andreasen, Fathers, Saturday, Elephants, Cooking, Barbecue, Errands, Picture Book

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Book Review


Little elephant wakes up his dad on Saturday morning so they can run errands and prepare for a barbecue. They shop for marshmallows, hot dogs, charcoal, and a shiny red grill. After they get home, little elephant helps his dad to assemble the grill and cook hot dogs for lunch in their matching red aprons. Once they have finished their hot dogs, they toast some marshmallows and play Frisbee in the yard. Mommy tells them it’s nap time, so they climb into the hammock together to sleep. This book has brightly colored illustrations with crisp lines that will capture the attention of young readers. The larger font used in this book is clear and bold, making it easy for children who are learning to read to follow along. The simple sentences also keep the feel of the book light and engaging. The pages in this book are thicker than most, while still not being a board book, which will reduce the likelihood of damage and tearing in the hands of small children. Overall, the message of the book is positive. It suggests that helping with errands and chores can be a fun family activity and a good way to spend time together. This is a very sweet book about a young child and his dad spending the day together.