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Rapunzel is free of the tower, but now she finds herself held captive by the walls of Corona and the new rules that come as part of being a princess. When she gets tired of being cooped up by her over-protective father, she runs away with her lady-in-waiting, Cassandra. They come across a strange rock that causes all of Rapunzel's magical hair to come back. At first she tries to hide why her hair has returned, but when a villain names Lady Kaine is bent on revenge against Rapunzel's parents, Rapunzel uses her talents and her hair to save the kingdom and her parents. This movie functions as the pilot for Disney's new television series about Rapunzel and Eugene before they get married. Fans of the original movie are likely to miss the CGI animation and will take some time getting used to the new style. The new songs are okay, but don't have the same power of the songs from Tangled. There is plenty to delight old fans, such as a marriage proposal, a new lady-in-waiting who can both fix a hairstyle and fight off enemies, and the inclusions of Rapunzel's parents as major characters. Unfortunately, this movie had a lot of setting up to do in front of the TV show so it offers few answers and sometimes too much exposition before it can get to the stories coming up in the show. While Tangled fans will enjoy seeing their favorite characters back on the screen, the movie isn't strong enough to stand completely on its own without the coming show.