Becky Jamieson


Outstanding, Intermediate, Brandon Mull, Family, Perseverance, Magical Creatures, Fablehaven

Document Type

Book Review


Kendra and Seth Sorenson once again find themselves in a life or death emergency. The dragons at the Wyrmroost sanctuary no longer want to be under human rule or be stuck in the sanctuary. However, letting a dragon horde lose on the world is unthinkable. Kendra and Seth, who together make a dragon tamer, are asked to become the caretakers of Wyrmroost. The protections at the human’s keep in Wyrmroost are weakening, and Kendra and Seth must visit an old knight and an ancient dragon king to reinforce the keep's magical defenses. With the help of their clueless cousin and a tiny hero, the siblings manage to save the keep and humiliate Celebrant the current power hungry king of dragons. Fans of the Fablehaven series will enjoy this new adventure at the magical preserves. Dragonwatch continues the story without counteracting the good ending to the Fablehaven series. In order to understand Dragonwatch, it is essential to have read the original Fablehaven books. The book itself lays out the new series well with a new overarching conflict for the books, while simultaneously creating a strong plot of its own. The resolution is believable and well foreshadowed at the beginning of the book. It is engaging with a balance of new and returning characters. The integrity of Kendra and Seth's characters is not compromised, and both characters fulfill their roles in solving any problems that arise. Readers learn that through perseverance, good people can succeed in good causes. *Contains mild violence with magical creatures.