Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Young Adult, Martin Leicht, Isla Neal, Pregnancy, Space, Aliens, Survival

Document Type

Book Review


Elvie wanted to go to space, but going to space in a ship turned into a the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers wasn’t in her original plans for how she’d spend her junior year. She’s still okay with going, though, until the ship is invaded by a team of attractive commandos, including the baby’s dad, Cole. These commandos tell her that their teachers were aliens, but so are they, and the ship was created to help repopulate their alien species. During the attack, however, the ship is damaged, and Elvie has to decide who to trust to help her and the other pregnant girls find a way off the ship if they want to survive. Elvie learns to figure out how to survive the multiple alien species she is introduced to, determines how to handle Cole, and decides if she’s keeping the baby or putting it up for adoption after all. There are some aspects of the book that may trouble readers. The majority of the characters are pregnant teenagers, some of them die in disturbing ways, and the aliens impregnating teenagers girls and then making them sterile could be upsetting and brings up a lot of issues about consent. However, overall this book is a lot of fun. Elvie is funny, smart, and a problem solver, but she still makes mistakes and sometimes has a difficult time knowing what to do in tough situations. Her commentary is laugh-out-loud funny and her determination is admirable. The technology in the book feels right for that far into the future. The story is completely ridiculous, but in a way that is fun, entertaining, and special even in the more intense moments. The book is definitely fluff, but the teenage science fiction element makes it unique and fresh. *Contains teen pregnancy, moderate violence, and discussion of abortion.