Abigail Packard


Dependable, Friendship, Rescue, Richard Paul Evans, Intermediate, Young Adult, Electricity, Resistance

Document Type

Book Review


The Electroclan visits the ruins to look for survivors, but they can’t find any human remains. Scott can’t contact his copilot, so he, Zeus, Ian, and Tessa go to find him while the rest of the kids remain at a hotel. The kids surprise attack a masked man searching the hotel only to discover it is Gervaso, the resistance member who trained them. The resistance had enough time to evacuate everyone to another base. Back in Taiwan, Welch informs Hatch about their failure with Jade Dragon and Hatch has him arrested and sentenced to death. Quentin discovers Hatch’s plot and decides to help Welch escape. Back at the resistance’s ranch, Taylor learns that his mother has been arrested for drug dealing and for Taylor’s disappearance. Taylor, Michael, Ian, and Gervaso go to Idaho to help the Ridleys escape from the Elgen-influenced police force. The Elgen converge on the island of Tuvalu to establish a land base for their company. The final chapters follow the previous Elgen owner, Schema, after he escapes from Hatch. He is taken by the resistance members in Europe and he meets the voice. The fifth installment of the Michael Vey series is good and adds a lot of information to the series, but it definitely acts as a bridge between the events in the previous books and the events in the next two books. There aren’t any real missions that the Electroclan accomplishes as they wait for the pieces to fall into place on the Elgen’s side. There are some intriguing plot twists and turns that spice up the novel, like the rescue of the Ridleys. But this book is information and backstory heavy. Michael attacks some men who try to mug him, which seems out of character. But despite some realizations about the danger that they are all in and coming to terms with it, Michael and the Electroclan members have plateaued as far as character development goes. A necessary read that adds to the overarching plot of the series, but does little to entice readers as an individual story. *Contains scenes of mild violent fighting and scenes of mild torture.