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The Mixed-Up Truck


Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Preschool, Stephen Savage, Truck, Construction, Picture Book

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Book Review


It's the cement mixer's first day of work and he can't wait to help the other trucks! He asks how he can help and they tell him to mix up some powdery white cement. So off he goes! He mixed the white powder with some water and makes...a cake? The other trucks tell him to try again so he rushes off. He mixes the white powder with some water and makes...frosting? He goes off a third time, mixes the white powder and makes...a building! All the trucks are dirty and tired from the long day of work so cement mixer mixes up some more white powder and makes...a bubble bath for everyone! Such a fun book to read! Everyone can relate with this little trucks anxiety about doing well in his job and frustration when he occasionally messes up. The story puts a cute and fun spin on those themes with our cement truck mistaking white powdery flour and sugar for cement. This is a good choice for any child, but should be particularly loved by perfectionists or kids with performance anxiety. The illustrations are full spread and created digitally in a very geometric style. There are lots of straight lines, crisp edges and solid colors in the images.