Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Intermediate, Joel N. Ross, Future, Steam Punk, Adventure

Document Type

Book Review


Chess and his crew have escaped the slums, but that doesn't mean that they are out of danger in Port Oro. The fog is threatening to consume the rest of their small world, and Lord Kodoc is determined to use Chess for his own purposes. In Port Oro, Chess is recruited to help search for the one thing that can stop the fog's progression: an ancient machine called the Compass that only Chess with his fog eye can find. As Chess fights off Lord Kodoc, driftsharks, ticktocks, and does everything he can to keep his friends save, he discovers a surprising answer to how to claim the world back from the fog and to start a new world not consumed by the fog. This exciting sequel has plenty of science, air battles, and fog dives to continue captivating the audience. With the world developed in the first book, this book has more room for action and suspense as Chess races against time to find the Compass before Kodoc does. Readers will continue to enjoy the subtle references to our world that Chess finds in his history books or while he is diving through the fog. The exposition in the beginning is a little too much for people who have just read the first book, but once the book gets going readers will enjoy this smart science fiction story with an ending that leave the readers both thrilled and satisfied with how Ross handled the story and characters.