Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Young Adult, Susane Colasanti, New York, Teen Romance, Contemporary

Document Type

Book Review


Picking up where the first book left off, Darcy, Sadie, and Rosanna are still in the middle of a life changing summer discovering themselves, love, and how to deal with life's challenges. Darcy's ex-boyfriend Logan arrives and she works to figure out where she stands with him. Sadie tries to get over Austin after finding out that he is married, but he keeps turning up in her life and trying to convince her to give him another chance. Meanwhile, Rosanna is going on vacation with D, struggling with finances, and trying to discover why a girl named Addison is trying to do as much damage in her life as possible. Each girl has to balance looking for love and a new adult life in New York. The lives and various challenges of the girls weave together well, and the reader will root for all of them to succeed even though they are all different and working on discovering how to handle different parts of their lives. The ending of the book again feels very sudden, but the last book of the series will hopefully have more of a conclusion for fans of the series. The differences in what the girls have to handle keep the book interesting, and the characters have a lot of variety. While the book isn't stunning and doesn't have a lot going on in it other than boy drama, it's enjoyable and many readers will likely look forward to the ending of the series to see what happens to Darcy, Rosanna, Sadie, and the guys they interact with. *Contains mild sexual content.