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Where Are the Bears?


Ariel Woodbury


Excellent, Toddler, Kathy Ireland, Counting, Bears, Board Book

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Book Review


One bear rides in a canoe and another bear joins him. Then they climb a tree and find another bear. The three bears play at the beach and meet a fourth bear. A fifth bear joins them for a car ride. Then all five bears go on a walk and are gone. This is a board book with flaps to lift on each page that reveal a new bear. Each line rhymes while children count the bears. The bold and colorful illustrations and text will keep the attention of young readers. There are many types of bears in the book as well such as a polar bear, a panda bear, and a brown bear. Young readers can learn about different kinds of bears and how to count within the same book! This is a terrific counting book that is more engaging than most and is fun to read.