Abigail Packard


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Richard Paul Evans, Taiwan, Action, Friendship, Electricity

Document Type

Book Review


Michael and the Electroclan arrive at the resistance’s headquarters and are immediately given a job to do: rescue a nine-year-old savant named Jade Dragon from the Elgen before they can use her to make more electric children. They go to Taiwan and meet Ben, a resistance member. They plan to infiltrate the Starxourse plant and rescue the girl, but it won’t be easy. The Electroclan members decide to rescue Jade Dragon during her transfer to Elgen’s science ship. But when one of their own betrays them, they are captured. During their imprisonment, Tara tricks Michael into thinking that Hatch is his father and Michael tells him about the resistance’s whereabouts. Nichelle returns to help each of the members escape, but the group fails to take Jade Dragon with them. They relocate to a safe house and fall back on the original plan. They are able to rescue Jade Dragon during the transfer. They return to the safe house only to discover that the Elgen have destroyed the resistance’s headquarters along with everyone in it. The fourth book in the Michael Vey series is just as exciting as the previous three. The writing is filled with scientific backing as normal, but it’s never so heavy that it detracts from the story or goes beyond suspended disbelief. The characters are funny and inspiring. However, Michael himself seems to have reached a character development plateau. Although he had some personal struggles throughout the story, he leads the group well and he never seems to be able to do wrong. The clan as a whole, however, is more engaging when they meet up with Nichelle again, a character that used to torture many of them under Hatch’s orders. The conflicting emotions and opinions adds depth to the clan’s dynamics. Some of the dialogue and interactions between couples can get a bit cheesy, but overall this book was captivating. *Contains mild violence.