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Someone's Sleepy


Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Preschool, Deborah Lee Rose, Dan Andreasen, Rhymes, Bedtime, Mother, Sleep, Picture Book

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Book Review


It's getting late and someone's sleepy! A little girl and her mother get ready for bed by taking a bath, brushing her teeth, and giving a goodnight kiss. She cuddles with her stuffed bear and bunny and soon she's fast asleep. The short and simple sentences in this book pairs well with the soothing rhyme of the narrative and both make this a great choice as a bedtime story. The word sleepy is repeated both in the text and in the illustrations throughout the book. "Sleepy forehead / sleepy nose / sleepy eyes begin to close." The illustrations include sleeping and yawning pets and toys in the background. The little girl and her mom are smiling in all the pictures, painting a positive image of getting ready for bed but with graphite, ink and, Adobe Photoshop. This is a well crafted book and a terrific choice as a bedtime story.