Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Orphans, Inventor, Danger, Secrets, Hypnosis

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TV Show Review


Klaus is acting strange after meeting with the lumber mill optometrist. Violet, unable to figure out how to help Klaus, decides to discover the truth behind the fire of the mill. When Violet says a certain word, Klaus is back to himself and they figure out that Klaus has been hypnotized. The children are told they have a visitor, but it turns out to only be Count Olaf! They barely escape his clutches, only to have Klaus under hypnosis again. Violet discovers how to free Klaus and stops him just in time from hurting someone, only to have Count Olaf escape once again. Afterwards, Mr. Poe takes the children to a boarding school. Even though the lumber mill setting is a bit dark and dangerous, the show still keeps the story and set family friendly. When a worker gets hurt, it's done in a comical way (almost like a Looney Tunes cartoon when characters are squished flat). Although this is a children's show, it is also very informative. This episode in particular explains hypnosis and its effects on people. The ending is very entertaining as many of the main characters sing a song about their story to give a clue of what might happen next. Because the episode ends in a cliff hanger, audiences will want to know more about what comes next and will eagerly anticipate the next season. *Contains mild violence.