Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Intermediate, Steve Setford, Biology, Nonfiction, Reference, Human Body, Science

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Book Review


Bodies are amazing. Starting from the basics of atoms and molecules, this book talks about how bodies work. With a mix of high-color photographs and detailed illustrations, the colorful pages explain how bodies work in an encyclopedia format. The book is divided into six sections. “Your Amazing Body” talks about what bodies are made out of, “On the Move” discusses muscles and bones that allow bodies to move, “Skin You’re In” talks about how the skin works, “Body Engines” talks about how blood and organs power the body, “Fuel for the Body” talks about how bodies need to eat and what happens when food is consumed, and “In Control” discusses nerves, the brain, and the senses. A free digital companion book provides extra information on how to train your brain. This is an excellent resource for a home or a classroom. Readers can look through the whole book to learn a lot about the human body or go to particular page or section to learn about how that subject works. The illustrations and photographs help to break up the text and not overwhelm the reader with too much information at once. There are plenty of fun facts and trivia to help readers get interested in the biology even if they might not think of it as a favorite subject. Classrooms, libraries, and homes of kids who are interested in science or need a quick reference to human biology would benefit from having this book in their collection as a starting point to more information about how the human body works.