Abigail Packard


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Kate DiCamillo, Alison McGhee, Tony Fucile, Friendship, Humor, Self-Acceptance

Document Type

Book Review


In the first part of the third installment, Gollie discovers a photograph of an ancestor that suggests she is descended from royalty. She urges Bink to treat her as royalty, but Bink just wants her friend back. Gollie soon discovers that being royalty can be pretty lonely and decides to be herself again so that she can spend time with Bink. In the second part, Bink sees an advertisement for the Stretch-o-Matic, a machine designed to make one taller. Bink orders the machine and tries it out, but Gollie insists that she sees no change to Bink’s height. After thoroughly ruining the machine, Bink decides to stick with being short and turns the machine into a piece of modern art to hang in her home. In the third and final part, the girls decide to begin collecting something so that they can have their picture taken and put in the Flicker’s Arcana of the Extraordinary. However, after their attempt at collecting something, their hopes are dashed and instead they decide that their friendship is worth putting in the book, so they take a picture of themselves to stick it in the book. DiCamillo and McGhee have written another clever and humorous edition to their wonderful series. Bink’s and Gollie’s quirks and interests make them shine as adorable, well-rounded characters. Although there isn’t as obvious of a connection between the three parts like there is in Two for One, the theme of self-acceptance runs clearly through these three stories, tying them together nicely. Tony Fucile’s artwork greatly compliments the text and adds layers of humor and spunk to the clever writing. The artwork is often reminiscent of graphic novels, with separate boxes around different scenes showing up here or there. As always, the emphasis is on the girls who are always in full color compared to the grays and blacks of the background. Additionally, there are fun graphic tidbits throughout the book that harken back to the previous stories in both this and the other two installments. Bink and Gollie are sure to steal anyone’s heart as readers find self-discovery and acceptance along with these two memorable girls.