Abigail Packard


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Richard Paul Evans, Ships, Jungle, Friendship, Action, Electricity

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Book Review


After being separated from his friends, Michael wakes up to find he’s been rescued by a tribe of Amazonian natives. They introduce him to another electric child named Tessa who’s been living with them. Michael learns that his friends have been captured by the Peruvian army. Taylor, Ostin, and the rest of the Electroclan try to escape the army. Michael, Tessa, and Jaime manage to rescue everyone but Taylor and Jack who have been abducted by a bounty hunter. They rescue them, but Wade is killed. The Electroclan meet up with Jaime in Cuzco and leave with him for a safe house where he tells them that the voice has asked for their assistance in sinking the Ampere, the Elgen headquarters. Hatch has completely taken over Elgen and is moving the Elgen fleet to a small country in the Pacific Islands. Half of the Electroclan leaves, forcing Michael and the remaining Electroclan members to destroy the Ampere. During their attack, they are cornered in the engine room and nearly killed. The other half of the Electroclan returns and destroys another of the Elgen’s ships. The Electroclan escapes and destroys the Ampere. Evans delivers another exciting, fast-paced read in the third installment of the Michael Vey series. The story is action-packed and full of fun little quips to keep readers laughing. The characters are fun and interesting and work well together to craft the story. The death of Wade throws some real tragedy and anguish into the characters’ emotions, making for substantial character development. Michael himself grows exponentially as he learns to fill in the leadership position thrust upon him. Additionally, he has lots of internal battles that present some interesting ethical and moral issues to readers. The science behind the story is solid enough for readers to suspend their disbelief and enjoy the story. Overall, a great addition to the series that keeps readers excited about seeing where the characters will end up. *Contains mild scenes of violence. The death of one character is described.