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Barnacle Is Bored


Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Preschool, Jonathan Fenske, Barnacles, Fish, Boredom, Envy, Picture Book

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Book Review


Barnacle is bored. Everyday is the same. The tide goes in and out. The sun goes up and down. And Barnacle just sits there. He sees a spotted fish in the water beneath him and thinks about how much fun he must have. The spotted fish probably dives with dolphins, soars with sailfish, flips with flounders, and plays with plankton. Then an eel shows up and swallows the spotted fish. Barnacle is not bored anymore and is glad to be sitting underneath the dock. The story is about boredom which children will easily relate to. The text is short and simple. Some pages teach simple opposites such as in and out, up and down, and over and under. Other parts have alteration that is also simple and enjoyable. The illustrations are cartoon-like with bold colors and focus on the characters' facial expressions. The expressions are incredibly easy to read and exaggerated to the point of being funny. The moral of the story is also a plus, teaching kids to be thankful for what they have and not be envious of what others may have.