Article Title

The Going to Bed Book


Annie Huish


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Sandra Boynton, Bedtime, Baths, Night, Pajamas, Board Book

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Book Review


The sun has set and it’s time for all the animals to get ready to go to bed. The animals, both big and small, rush down the stairs to start getting ready for bed. All together the moose, rhinoceros, pig, and other animal friends prepare for the night by taking a bath, hanging up their towels, putting their pajamas on, and brushing their teeth. To the reader’s surprise, their last activity before going to bed is exercising! Finally, they all head to bed where they softly and quietly rock to sleep. This durable board book will thrill toddlers as they learn some of the routines involved in getting ready for bed. Illustrations show a myriad of animals as they prepare to rock themselves to sleep. The illustrations in this book provide an entertaining visual to the words; we can see all the animals in the bathtub together, putting on their pajamas, and even standing in front of a small sink to brush their teeth. And while the animals appear to rush through each of these routines (they are seen running down the stair to get ready, then back up to exercise), the end of this book provides a calm feeling that will leave any toddler ready for bed.