Amanda Durrant


Excellent, Intermediate, Ron Marz, David A. Rodriguez, David Baldeon, Skylanders, Graphic Novel

Document Type

Book Review


A new group of Skylanders arrive at opening day of the new Skylanders Academy, but the pilot of the Dreadyacht is missing. A few of the Skylanders go to search for the pilot, but find the student Weeruptor along the way. Weeruptor tells the Skylanders that someone ambushed the Dreadyacht. The trio continue to look for Flynn, and along the way give a Skylander history lesson to Weeruptor. They find Flynn under attack, and to everyone's surprise, Weeruptor saves the day! Flynn informs them that the stowaway is Kaos, who is back at Skylanders Academy. This graphic novel is full of vibrantly colored images and text bubbles that are easy to follow. Some larger vocabulary is used, so it is best for intermediate level readers. This is a great introduction to the Skylanders: The Kaos Trap series as it gives a history of Skyland through new student lessons that the Skylanders teach. This book also fills in the gaps of backstory that the other books of the series do not cover. The last four pages of the book offer bios to give an even better understanding of Skyland history. *Contains mild violence.