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Ariel Woodbury


Dependable, Preschool, Liam Francis Walsh, Fish, Fishing, Dogs, Boats, Picture Book, No Words

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Book Review


A boy and his dog run by the start of a race with a fishing pole and tackle box and row out onto the water. The first letter they catch is an F and then an I. A large C shows up and threatens to capsize the boat, but disappears before the dog can warn the boy. They catch an S, but then keep catching unwanted letters. The boy is pulled into the water by a strong letter, but he finds an H and returns with it to the boat. They are attacked by the letter A and a swarm of B's when the giant C appears again. With all the required letters they run off to help complete the (FI)NI(SH) sign for the race. It may be hard for younger children to pay attention to the mainly two-toned illustrations, especially because there is no dialogue or narration to go along with it. Since this story is told graphically, most of the information you get is from the facial expressions of the characters, which may be more difficult for them as well. However, for children that can notice and interpret the nuance of the characters expressions and body language this book is very enjoyable and clever. Trying to interpret the characters through these means will likely help readers to develop parallel social skills as well. The bold red letters used throughout the book will help learning readers. This book is very enjoyable for those who do not require vibrant illustrations and can interpret facial cues.