Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Primary, Sandra Markle, Bees, Honeybees, Science, Mystery, Nonfiction, Picture Book

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Book Review


Beekeepers have discovered that several of their bees have inexplicably gone missing. Without honeybees, many foods cannot get pollenated and be able to grow. In January 2007, beekeepers from across the world gathered to discuss the loss of the bees, calling the problem Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Without the essential worker bees, the hive cannot survive. Scientists have tried to find the problem with the disappearing bees, researching to see if urban development, overwork from farmers transporting bees year-round across the country for pollination, cell phones, mites, fungi, and other issues have contributed to CCD. No one knows for sure what is killing the bees, but scientists are hard at work to find answers and beekeepers do everything they can to keep the bees healthy. The text itself is not particularly kid friendly or exciting, but kids who are interested in science or bees will enjoy the details and the bright, colorful pictures. The back of the book has some ideas to help local honeybees and resources for global efforts, making it more useful for classrooms and parents to help their child be involved in the scientific process beyond the pages of the book. The book provides a lot of detail into the biology of honeybees, the importance of pollination, and the scientific process that people go through to try to solve a problem. Although scientists have still not found a salutation, this book provides a good look of what is going on in science to protect this particular species and why it matters to everyday people.