Article Title

Daytime Nighttime


Liz Kazandzhy


Toddler, William Low, Animals, Day, Night, Picture Book

Document Type

Book Review


This delightful book is presented in two parts, each preceded by a question: “What do you see in the daytime?” and “What do you see in the nighttime?” A variety of animals are presented after each question such as butterflies, red-tailed hawks, and puppies in the daytime; and fireflies, owls, and raccoons in the nighttime. Nothing specific is described about these animals, but their names are simply written on the page in large clear letters and accompanied by full-length two-page illustrations. This book is a wonderful way to introduce children to nature as well as the differences between day and night. The illustrations are unique and spectacular, entertaining the eye with their crisp detail and bright colors. Also, the author has done a fine job of choosing a diverse variety of animals, some perhaps already familiar to young children and others that are less familiar but nonetheless interesting. The organization of the book also makes it fitting to read before bedtime, as it begins with bright daytime pictures and ends with soft, dark nighttime pictures, including “teddy bears” (with an illustration of a sleeping child with a teddy bear) near the very end. Overall, Daytime Nighttime teaches simple concepts in a very effective and enjoyable way.