Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Orphans, Inventor, Danger, Secrets

Document Type

TV Show Review


Violet, Klaus, and Sunny escape Count Olaf as well as Mr. Poe. They discover a picture of their parents standing in front of a lumber mill and decide to go there, hoping for help and answers to questions no one seems to want to answer. When they arrive at the lumber mill and reveal their identities, they discover that someone is spreading lies and accusing Mr. and Mrs. Baudelarie for starting a fire that destroyed most of the town. Count Olaf knows where the orphans are and enlists the help of an old lover who may not be everything she says she is. This next chapter is very charming as many ridiculous things happen. Even though the children are unhappy and unsure of what to do next, they do what they can. This is a positive message that can help children having a hard time work through their own problems. Even when things get a bit dreary and sad at times, the Baudelaire children stay positive. They find the fun and laughter in things like having chewing gum for lunch, or Sunny using her teeth instead of axes to work in the mill. There is also an important lesson of discovering the truth: even though the orphans hear others saying how terrible their parents were, they overcome any obstacle to find out the truth. This episode also features another great example of holding on to hope: Klaus wants to give up, but Violet helps him see the importance of having a good attitude and doing the best they can. *Contains mild violence.