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Little Blue Truck


Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Alice Schertle, Jill McElmurry, Truck, Animals, Friendship, Help, Board Book

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Book Review


Little Blue Truck passes by many of his animal friends and beeps a greeting to them. They moo, oink, and peep back to the friendly truck. Then a loud dump truck rudely drives by Blue going very fast. He has important things to do and does not have time to talk. Dump drives around a corner too fast and gets stuck in the mud! He calls for help, but since he was rude to all the animals he passed, they do not come to help him. Blue goes to Dump's assistance even though Dump was not very friendly and gets stuck in the mud as well. Then all Little Blue Truck's friends come to help him and Dump out of the mud. It takes the help of every single animal to push the big Dump out and he realizes that having friends to help each other is important. This is a great board book with rhyming stanzas and whimsical illustrations. The narrative is easy and fun to read. In the book, there are many animal sounds along with pictures of the animals. They can help young children learn about animals and engage them in the story by practicing the sounds themselves. The book also teaches children the importance of friends and being nice, as well as reminding them to not think they are better or more important than others are. It is especially compelling when Blue goes to help the rude Dump out of the mud and, in doing so, is stuck himself. There are many positive messages for children to learn from this book and parents and educators alike will love this addition to their libraries.