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Abigail Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, Anna Banks, Fantasy, War, Romance, Adventure

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Book Review


Instead of becoming a slave to her father King of Serubel, Princess Sepora flees to Theoria, the neighboring enemy kingdom. But finding a new life is difficult, particularly since she is the last known Forger—someone who can produce spectorium, a commodity used to power nearly all of the five kingdoms. Despite her determination, she is captured and sold as a slave into the Theorian king’s harem. Outraged, she confronts Theoria's new king Tarik, who inherited the throne after his father's death by an incurable plague sweeping the kindgom. Serubel has cut off all trade of spectorium and a war looms between the two kingdoms. Tarik and Sepora join forces to avoid war between the two countries and find a cure for the plague. Tension runs high between Tarik and Sepora due to their secrets and their growing attraction for each other. When Sepora’s father brings an army to Theoria’s doorstep and announces the only way he’ll call his army off is if Tarik marries Sepora, they reach their breaking point. Anna Banks’ first novel in this new series is intense. Rife with dramatic irony, romantic and political tension, and interesting plot twists, Nemesis is sure to keep any reader interested as they turn page after page. Banks’ writing is good, sometimes slightly archaic, but good. Her plot is multi-dimensional, but never too confusing. Her world is fully flushed out and exciting. The story itself brings up some interesting dilemmas, but it is mainly an entertaining novel. There are scenes and mention of more mature topics such as suicide, sexual intimacy and exploitation, and abuse, but these are more hinted at than explicitly described. Overall, a good, solid story that leaves the reader excitedly waiting for the next installment. *Contains suicide, sexual intimacy, physical and emotional abuse by a parent.