Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Preschool, David Milgrim, Monsters, Individuality, Picture Book

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Book Review


There are all kinds of monsters! Some monsters are shy, but other monsters are not. Some monsters are picky eaters, but some monsters aren't. But it doesn't matter if a monster is afraid or brave, blue or green, all monsters are wonderful just the way they are! This is a great book that shows us that its okay (and GOOD) to be who we are, whether we're different or the same as other 'monsters'. The type is in a fun font that is very large, in all caps, and changes colors from page to page making it a larger part of the visual experience than most books. The illustrations are really fun and creative as well. There are lots of bright colors and black outlines. The inventive types of monsters and bold illustrations should capture the attention of children and parents alike.