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We're in the Wrong Book!


Carlie Smith


Preschool, Richard Byrne, Humor, Books, Reading, Adventure, Picture Book

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Book Review


Ben and Bella are bouncing around the sidewalk of their own book when their dog bumps into them and sends them tumbling into the wrong book. The two kids must wander through several different types of books in order to make it back. First they visit a counting book, then a comic book, a history book, a puzzle book, an e-book, a craft book, activity books and finally a monster book before they arrive safely where they belong. In each book, they must use the signature elements of the genre to escape and move to the next stage of their fun adventure. This story is a very clever way to showcase the fun variety of books available to children. This book could be the right book to help reluctant readers explore different genres or as a way to encourage children to create their own of books. Byrne’s varied illustrations are excellent representations of the styles of different types of books. The little details like workable instructions in the activity books and real sepia photographs in the history book about ancient Egypt are endearing. You’ll finish with this story and want to jump right into other books that reflect your children’s diverse interests.