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Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Young Adult, Lauren Conrad, Elise Loehnen, Fashion, Beauty, Nonfiction, Style, Makeup, Clothing

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Book Review


In Style, celebrity TV star, fashion designer, and writer Lauren Conrad shares her secrets to mastering fashion and style. In the first section, Fashion, she discusses how to create a wardrobe, shop for clothes, clean out your closet, accessorize, and dress for different occasions. In the second section, Beauty, she discusses tips for makeup and hair. In the final section, Lifestyle, she shares tips for work style, potential packing lists for a variety of types of travel, and how to dress for events and parties. Throughout the book, there are pictures and quotes to help reinforce the information in the text. This is a useful book for people who are interested in learning how to create their own style. Of course no book can capture all style needs from body and hair type to race, but Conrad tries to incorporate a lot of information that will work for a variety of people. The most frustrating part of the book is that she assumes that the reader, like her, will have plenty of money for makeup, clothes, and to take things to the tailor, but girls without monetary resources will still likely find something useful in the book if they are looking for ideas on how to create their own look. A lot of the tips are common sense, so it will be most useful to girls who are just beginning to assemble wardrobes and wear makeup. From tips like how to find the perfect pair of jeans to how to pose for pictures, this book will offer a lot for those who are looking for a jump start into the world of fashion and style.