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Soccer Time!


Dependable, Primary, Brendan Flynn, Soccer, Sports, Nonfiction, Picture Book

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Book Review


Soccer Time! is a very basic book about soccer, geared towards children that are just beginning to read. The book is very short and explains multiple basic elements of soccer. The author uses many pictures to illustrate each new concept and labels the different parts of the pictures to help children identify what the rules of soccer are. He also explains other important items such as the soccer ball, cleats, the soccer goal, and the outline of the field. This book would be great for teaching very young kids about soccer or how to play soccer. It is informative on a very basic level, but children that are past a basic level of reading comprehension would probably be bored with this book. An interesting device the author uses on almost every page is that he poses a question to the reader, yet does not provide the answer. This will hopefully spark a discussion between child and parent or teacher who is reading with them. An example of this on page fifteen would be, “Why do you think players pass the ball?” All in all, a good beginner informational book for small children to learn about soccer.