Amanda Durrant


Dependable, Primary, Intermediate, Ron Marz, David A. Rodriguez, Fico Ossio, Skylanders, Graphic Novel, Video Games

Document Type

Book Review


The Freshman class go on a tour of Skylander Academy as part of their first day of school. Along the way they see some well known Skylander characters such as Persephone, Eon, and Food Fight. As the freshman Skylanders are touring the Heroic Challenge Arena, the bad guy Kaos attacks the Skylands. Kaos impersonated the new student Weeruptor to get inside the Skylander Academy, but to no avail as he is defeated by Food Fight and the other Skylanders. The new students think all the action and adventure has made this the best day ever and can't wait to train with Skylanders across the Trap Team, Giants, and Swap Force lines. Children will love reading this action packed graphic novel full of vibrantly colored illustrations. This book is a great way to get reluctant readers interested by providing a lot of illustrations with limited text to explain the action. The book is great for children to use their imagination to fill in any gaps in the dialog not addressed in the speech balloons. The more in-depth text on the last few pages goes into specific details about a few of the Skylanders characters to give some background information to those new to the Skylanders series. The Skylander bio's are a little more challenging to read than the speech bubbles, thus making this book great for primary or intermediate readers. *Contains some mild violence.