Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Preschool, Martha E. H. Rustad, Holli Conger, Sun, Moon, Stars, Solar System, Patterns, Science, Nonfiction, Educational, Picture Book

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Book Review


The class follows Mr. Cruz outside to make observations, a big word for something you see. Tara sees the sun so Mr. Cruz teaches them about patterns that the sun follows. The sun goes up and down, up and down and it goes east to west and then east to west again, patterns are everywhere! Then he teaches the kids about how the sun never stops shining, even at night. They learn about patterns of the moon, like how its goes through phases and learn why it changes shapes. Next they learn about the stars. They learn that stars are very, very far away, why we can't see them during the day, and what constellations are. This is a terrific books for young kids! It talks about many common questions and misconceptions that children have about the sun, moon, and stars. If after reading this book with your child they still don't understand, there are lots of ideas for object lessons and very basic experiments that you can do with them to help develop their comprehension. The book takes a great approach to science, making it very accessible for young kids. You could use the book as a 'lesson manual' of sorts and do activities along with the kids in the book. The author is good at using vocabulary and explaining what the words mean without being burdensome. For example, "an observation is something we can see" and a pattern is "something that happens again and again."