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Playing hide-and-seek is so much fun, but it can be a bit tricky too. At penguin preschool, Bob begins to play with his friends. It’s Bob’s turn to hide. He hides behind his hands and behind a toy pan but no matter where he hides he is found right away. That is, until Flo and Sam tell Bob that he has to “disappear.” Bob thinks and thinks and finally finds a way to disappear. The Bob and Flo books are made for easy reading. The words are large and with a font and a text that are simple. The storyline is easy to follow, which makes this a great book for sequencing. The illustrations are bright and colorful but simple in design so that little listeners will not be distracted from the story. It is a good book for preschool children and a great intro to reading, but will not have enough depth for older or independent readers.