Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Eve Bunting, Sergio Ruzzier, Poetry, Rhyming, Animals, Picture Book

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Book Review


Duck has a problem: he has lost his new blue socks! They’re not in his box, the fox doesn’t know where they might be, but the ox suggests he looks down by the rocks. There he finds socks indeed, unfortunately just not his new blue ones. So he goes to the peacocks to ask for their help, and they help the poor little duck finally find his socks—on his very own feet! Reminiscent of P.D. Eastman’s Are You My Mother? this story follows the main character in his inquisitive journey to solve a simple problem. It’s an intriguing enough storyline to keep the attention of young children, and the ending is witty and something perhaps we all can relate to. The text is built on simple rhymes, mostly words that rhyme with socks but others occasionally as well, and the rhythm is bouncy and entertaining. This rhyme and rhythm make the book very fun to read aloud, and again, it easily keeps the attention of readers. As for the illustrations, while somewhat lacking in brightness, they are artfully drawn with a variety of colors and sharp details, and they wonderfully express and enhance the storyline. Overall a pleasant, enjoyable book.