Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, Malina Weissman, Orphans, Secrets, Grammar, Spyglass, Danger, Mystery

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TV Show Review


Discovering the suicide note of Aunt Josephine, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny realize there is something suspicious about the note. There are a lot of grammatical errors in it when there shouldn't be since their Aunt was very correct in her grammar. The orphans call Mr. Poe for help and find that their Aunt Josephine has left them in the care of Captain Sham, who they know is Count Olaf but no one will believe them. The find that their Aunt left them a message in the note that she is hiding in a cave. On the way back from the cave with Aunt Josephine for proof that she is alive and who Captain Sham really is, they get into danger with the leeches. They call for help, only to be rescued by Count Olaf. He kills Aunt Josephine, and while he's arguing with Mr. Poe, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny run away to find the help they need. Patrick Warburton plays Lemony Snicket, who is telling the story. Every time he pops in, he explains parts of the story and how sad or dangerous it is, but he also explains important plot points. He also explains the meaning of certain phrases or words such as while back at the ranch and irony, which is helpful for young viewers in particular. The characters’ use of metaphors and similes add to the tone of the episode, and make certain scenes either silly or scary. The opening credits’ song changes depending on what has happened so far, as a little reminder to the viewer. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny’s determination to be safe, figure out the spyglass’s secrets, and find proof of Olaf’s schemes is astounding. These children are great examples of never giving up and being resourceful to get out of a situation. Klaus uses research to figure out what their aunt is trying to tell them, and is constantly reading and discovering new things. Although Aunt Josephine dies, the children’s courage and strength shows through; they keep going even though they are afraid and alone. *Contains mild violence.