Sydnee Burr


Outstanding, Jessica Day George, Intermediate, Young Adult, 12 Dancing Princesses, Fairy Tale

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Book Review


An adaptation of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, George revisits this timeless tale with additional detail, drama, and captivation. A soldier returning from war, Galen obtains employment in the King's gardens and finds himself wrapped up in the mystery of the twelve princesses and their worn out dancing slippers. Foreign princes flock to the kingdom to try and save the princesses from their secret curse. But after all fail it's finally up to Galen to solve the mystery and thereby proving himself worthy of respect and the eldest princess's love. An instant delight to all who enjoy lighthearted romances, Princess of the Midnight Ball is both captivating and lovely. The main character Galen portrays intelligence, kindness, and sincerity and proves himself worthy of the king and the princesses' trust. A completely clean and innocent romance story is rare and hard to find, thus making Jessica Day George's princess story all the more valuable. With readers spanning as young as early middle school to well into adulthood, George ensnares both mind and heart of all who open her royal novel.