Excellent, Michelle Zink, Young Adult, Interpersonal Relations, Criminal Investigation, Adoption

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Book Review


They say that if you’re a criminal, the last place you want to be found is at the scene of the crime. This is true for mostly everyone, except for Grace. In this sequel to Lies I Told, Grace returns to Playa Hermosa to try to get Parker out of jail. Knowing that she only has a short amount of time, she makes a deal with one of the detectives assigned to the case to exchange Cormac, her step-father and con artist, for her brother. As the story progresses she finds out that her neighbor, Marcus, was actually Cormac’s former associate, who was also swindled by him. Grace, Marcus, and Marcus's partner/former police officer Scotty manage to catch Cormac, get Parker out of jail, and make a deal for Parker and Grace. In the end, Scotty and Marcus become Grace’s legal guardians and she’s forgiven by the Fairchilds. A great ending to this duology, Promises I Made resolves all the loose strings and the cliffhanger ending of it’s prequel Lies I Told. The story shows a more mature Grace, in control of herself and her actions, ready to act and be who she wants to be. It’s a story about repentance and forgiveness, and the reader will see Grace’s growth as she accomplishes her new mission. The new characters that the author introduces, such as Marcus and Scotty, give us an example of a non-conventional, but happy family. The message of the book is that happiness can be achieved even in our darkest times. A story of hope, family, bravery, and morality; teenagers will see that this book is not only a fast-paced read, but an interesting way of learning what’s right and what's wrong. *Contains: Moderate Language, Moderate Violence, and Mild Sexual Content