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The Lion & The Mouse


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Jerry Pinkney, Fable, Lions, Mouse, Picture Book

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Book Review


If you have ever heard the fable of the lion and the mouse, you will enjoy this illustrative rendition of it. If you aren’t familiar with this fable, you will instantly fall in love. Jerry Pinkey uses strictly illustrations to tell this story of a fierce lion and a tender mouse who protect each other. This is a story of the powerful bonds of friendship. The illustrations foreshadow and help the reader make predictions. Jerry Pickney uses pencil and watercolor to illustrate Aesop’s fable, The Lion and the Mouse. The author does a fantastic job of showing the lion’s and mouse’s emotions through illustrations, which important because this book’s only words are sounds, or onomatopoeia. Throughout the story, the author uses the illustrations to foreshadow later events, which makes the reader never tire of this book. The illustrator shows, rather than tells, the message of this powerful book.