Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Preschool, Steve Light, Monsters, Shapes, Fairs, Picture Book

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Book Review


When the little girl goes to look for her monster at the fair, she asks the reader to help her find her friend. She goes searching around all the circus events: pie-eating, the bearded lady show, the egg display, the livestock, the hay rides, the monster trucks, and other things. After going through the whole circus, she finally finds her monster and they go home together. Each page has a shape that is featured and is the only aspect of the page that is in color. Children can look for the shape, from common ones like rectangles to uncommon ones like quatrefoils, as well as finding both the monster and the girl in the black and white illustrations. These aspects help make it an active book to read with a child, and the unusual and normal shapes help make it a learning experience (although the child has to be old enough to not get overwhelmed with the many different kinds of shapes). This will be a fun book for children who enjoy both monsters and shapes.