Lisa Packard


Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, Malina Weissman, Orphans, Spyglass, Secrets, Inventor, Independence

Document Type

TV Show Review


Violet, Klaus, and Sunny wake up to find Dr. Montgomery dead in the reptile room. They know immediately it was Count Olaf, but no one will believe them. Mr. Poe shows up and calls the police, but it turns out that Count Olaf's gang show up instead, hiding all the facts of what really happened. Olaf tries to take off with the kids, but Mr. Poe won't let him. Violet and Klaus realize they have to find proof that Montgomery wasn't killed by a snake, but by Olaf. Through some cunning of their own they find the proof, but Olaf escapes once again. With the loss of the orphans "uncle," Mr. Poe takes them to another distant relative. Meanwhile, their parents are still not sure what is going on. The episode plot follows the books very well, making it more enjoyable for anyone who has read them, and letting their imagination come to life. The silliness of the episodes and the new experiences bring viewers into a new world. The children’s attempt to run away and outsmart Count Olaf builds a lot of suspense. Viewers will find themselves sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what the children will think up before it's too late. This episode would be a great tool for teaching key principles of argument; a person can argue about anything, but without proof their argument is just words. The Baudelaires' are very persistent and don’t stop searching for their proof until everyone else sees they were right, and the children can feel safe at last. The episode features real reptiles, intriguing discoveries by Montgomery, and facts about how to care for a certain reptiles. This episode is a very entertaining learning experience for the whole family. *Contains mild violence.