Sydnee Burr


Primary, Jen Schoeller, Sea, Ocean, Marine Life, Animals, Nonfiction, Picture Book

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Book Review


Extremely educational, Schoeller presents a visually appealing book for young learners. Relying heavily on graphics and colors, Biggest, Baddest Book of Sea Creatures is sure the catch the casual wandering eye in the library. This book takes its readers through all things ocean. Tiny animals, large animals, funny looking animals, scary sea animals, and everything in between. Each pictured animal has one fact attached to their name. In this simple yet knowledgeable piece, young readers can spark a new interest in the ocean and the creatures that live under the sea. Due to the short, flashy nature of this book it could not be used for research purposes. However, as an aid to engage learners in a new topic, Biggest, Baddest Book of Sea Creatures could be extremely valuable in any elementary school classroom or library. The visual appeal of this book is its biggest selling point, and the variety of information contained within is what will keep casual readers coming back to learn something else new.